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Sans has been planted

Build for linux

Hi Frank Gaming! We as of yet have not looked at building out for Linux, but is something we can consider in the future.

Hi I tried downloading this game on android. But this was only what I saw. 

Hi there! This game will only work on an oculus Quest or Quest 2 headset

Gran trabajo 👏🏼

Thanks! I am glad you enjoyed it.

I tried playing the game for the quest right now but it's not working its like im staring at a flatscreen

Hi thanks for the reply. So you downloaded the .apk to your quest and ran it through the unknown sources? If you could provide a screenshot that would help greatly.

Nice game! Creepy and made me very afraid to move :)


Glad you enjoyed it! We look forward to bringing you more content in the future.

new update? When is a new update coming out?

Glad you enjoyed the game! We are have recently ported over to unity 2020 which used the new XR system so we will have to port over the games to that system. This will take a bit of time but we are also in the process of building some new titles as well. Stay in touch for updates!