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Hi where is the download for standalone quest version?

I am not sure what you mean. There is the apk which works on quest and there is a standalone for PC that can be used with quest link or oculus rift.

Uploaded new PC build that fixed the poor quality settings


Ya, we want windows :D

Hey guys! I can make a version of this for PC. For the Occulus PC right?

I was more thinking making a version that can be played with mouse and keyboard :)

ah I see what you mean. I think I could do something like that. It won’t be as good as it is in VR though.

I uploaded the PC platform VR version if you want to try it.

I don't have a VR, sorry. But if it ever comes with mouse and keyborad I'm in! :)


Can we have a windows version plz?

Yes I can make a windows version for Oculus.

Uploaded PC version for Rift. I am not sure if it will work on a vive but give it a try!